SIP Voice

Save up to 50% on your monthly phone bill by switching your phone service to SIP Voice.
SIP Voice services routes your calls over the Internet and works with most phone systems.

Telifinity’s Voice service reduces your monthly phone bill and increases your phone system reliability.

Reduce your overall telecom spend
Switching from expensive traditional carriers to Telifinity’s SIP Voice can mean less infrastructure to manage, reducing the load on your IT staff and thus lowering your total cost of ownership. With Telifinity’s SIP Voice, you can leverage your existing PBX investment or with the costs savings purchase a new 3CX IP Phone System.

SIP Voice service is flexible and easy to scale, allowing you to subscribe only to the number of channels you need, and easily add more when required.

Built-in continuity features

Telifinity’s SIP Voice service helps ensure business continuity in the event of an internet or power outage by automatically rerouting your calls to a predetermined failover number.

Easy to deploy
  • Inspect your current phone system for SIP Voice compatibility
  • Testing your network to ensure that it can support high quality voice
  • Deployment of SIP Voice gateway, if necessary
  • Number porting of existing numbers
  • Implementation of support services

Cost Savings

With traditional phone service, your organization is subject to different, often mystifying charges for your local, long distance, and international calling. SIP Voice allows organizations instant access to simple, understandable pricing.

Immediate ROI

With many technology investments, organizations may not appreciate returns on investment for years. SIP Voice is a well-established technology with minimal upfront investment costs.

Global Potential & Mobility

SIP Voice supports your organization’s need for fast growth across multiple geographic locations. By combining your voice and data into a single network, your organization’s geographic locations and remote workers can be consolidated.

Network Consolidation

Most companies still pay for telephone voice service and data separately, even when using a single provider. SIP Voice enables organizations to move their voice and data into a single network.

No Costly Hardware Investments

SIP Voice does not require additional hardware investment. With many alternative methods of telephony, such as PRIs, your organization may need to invest in costly additions to hardware as you scale phone lines.


While traditional telephone service can be interrupted due to many reasons, bad weather, physical damage, line faults. SIP Voice is a more reliable technology, that offers mobile-failover as a form of redundancy.