Local numbers in 50+ countries

International Toll Free and Geographic numbers
Telifinity can provide toll-free and geographic numbers from over 50 countries worldwide utilizing Voice over IP technology. Our service can deliver calls to any phone system including a traditional PBX.
All inbound calls can be delivered via a secure VoIP connection, TCP or standard SIP trunk.
To provide redundancy, we program each international geographic and toll-free numbers to fail-over to the PSTN or to a hosted call centre scenario in the event of a failure on the internet or other equipment.

The service is designed to allow multiple types of applications and call routing that can be used individually or together, to accommodate the most specific of needs. The Routing Options allow your business to fully utilise its resources and manage its costs efficiently.

  • Advanced Routing
  • Automatic Failover-In the event of a local IP failure call will be automatically rerouted.
Other Features
  • Gives easy access for customers worldwide to contact your company.
  • Creates a virtual presence in a country without the expense of establishing an office or hiring staff.
  • Ideal for managing out of country sales or design teams. Assign a number in each country which routes to a conference bridge and staff can call without dialling internationally.
Our International Toll Free and geographic number service is available for your business and your customer to calls from more than 50 countries worldwide:

Cost efficiency.

Regional and international calls to virtual numbers within the organisation can be automatically routed via toll-free Internet links.

Business Presence.

Existing and potential customers prefer dealing with a local service provider. Using virtual numbers allows your business to establish a local presence.

Business Image.

Particularly with small businesses, virtual numbers can significantly enhance business profile. Having separate virtual numbers for different departments or functions, even though they end up at the same place will make the organisation seem larger than it actually is.


Because virtual numbers are not tied to a specific device, departments, teams and individuals can be reached by always dialling the same number.